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LA GÉNÉRALE DE FORAGE SARL (GEFOR SARL) is a contracting drilling company operating mainly in the DRC since October 2009. GEFOR is a 100% Congolese Owned Company. GEFOR is headquartered in Lubumbashi, Haut-Katanga Province, DRC..


GEFOR provides a varied range of drilling services, from core diamond drilling, reverse circulation drilling, dewatering drilling and water well drilling for both domestic use and communities. Furthermore, GEFOR provides other drilling companies with services such as supply of drilling chemicals, equipment and drill rig spares.


Our drilling is perfect. It is based on many years of experience, quality of management and field personnel as well as safe, reliable and highly productive equipment.  GEFOR carries out responsible drilling by prioritizing the health and safety of its personnel and the environment while maintaining a high productivity to meet the customers’ needs.


GEFOR is fully equipped to provide safe and environmentally friendly drilling to its customers. GEFOR is the perfect drilling contracting company that meets the required needs of its customers.


Up to date, GEFOR has safely drilled in conditions varying from soft to competent rock approximately:

  • 60000 meters of core diamond drilling;

  • 21 dewatering boreholes summing up to a depth of 3016,5 meters between November 2013 and January 2017;

  • 141 water wells for both private individuals and communities;

  • Installation of close to 141 pumps for both industrial users and domestic users throughout the D.R.C;

  • 24 deep monitoring wells and shallow monitoring wells completing a total depth of 1876,5 meters.


Our Statistical Records are:

  • We are the second contracting drilling company to have drilled final borehole diameter of 14 inches diameter in the entire D.R.C after GECAMINES;

  • Deep monitoring wells and shallow monitoring wells were successfully performed over 24 boreholes in 57 days attaining a depth of 1876,5 meters;

  • In June 2013, our CS 14 OMEGA drill rig drilled 923,70 meters in competent rock in a month on a single shift.






We are the number one contracting drilling company in the D.R.C. GEFOR is a one way road, once you use our drilling services, we would never want to use any other drilling services again. Our prices are competitive, low budget, ahead of schedule, and still manage to perform safe environmentally friendly perfect drilling.

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