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With our fleet, we are able to efficiently and effectively add-value to any core diamond drilling project using Christensen Fourteen (CS 14), and reverse circulation drilling. we do provide blast holes drilling for both underground and surface operations. We provide water-well drilling for both domestic use and communities use. Finally, we also have rigs to perform dewatering drilling.

Our last CS 14 called PASTEUR KASONGO, in the memory of our former Mechanic who passed away. The CS 14 was being placed on site for core diamond drilling operation at the Kanfudwa mine, Kambove, DRC.

GEFOR's choice for the CS 14 rigs come from their reliability, high efficiency. These Rigs are robust and highly mobile, making them practical to be use on any platform as they can easily be trolled

Clean water provided by GEFOR is now available in Kalemie for the local communities. Kalemie is a town situated 1000 kilometers from the GEFOR home town in Lubumbashi, wherever you need our services, whenever you need them, we perfectly provide the service.

Kalemie Rig

Pump being installed after a dewatering borehole has been drilled at MUMI mines.


GEFOR is fully equipped to provide the perfect drilling. With a well-organized logistics and support, GEFOR ensures safe and high efficiency.

Our Robust trucks are there to assist with providing water to the drilling rigs, as well as providing equipment on site

 and other accessories.

GEFOR has a considerable number of 4X4 landcruiser to ensure perfect drilling. Our cars are regularly maintained to ensure and promote the health and safety of our employees on board while keeping a high productivity.​​

GEFOR also guarantees the safe and comfortable transportation of our employees from and to our different drilling site by adding one of the latest ROSA bus to its fleet. Our buses are well-maintained to ensure and promote the health and safety of our employees on board

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