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With approximately 60000 meters of core diamond drilling done from August 2011 to April 2017.


GEFOR performs core diamond drilling of any diameter/size, namely:

The Wire Line Type


  • BQ;

  • BQTK;

  • NQ;

  • NQ2;

  • NQ3;

  • HQ;

  • HQ3;

  • PQ;

  • PQ3;

  • LTK60.

Our CS 14 rigs are robust, mobile,                    

Efficient and well maintained

to provide the perfect drilling.

We do perfect drilling for both

exploration projects and running


Above: Christensen CS14 Core Drill known as SEPHORA at GEFOR

Even in competent rock, GEFOR ensures high core recovery percentage. Our average percentage of core recovery is about 90% with the aim to provide good quality core samples to allow geologists to perform an effective analysis of the core produced.

We have both a well-prepared team and adequate equipment capable of facing any type of rock formation, and produce a high core recovery.

GEFOR employs some of the best drillers on the African Continent. The aim is to deliver perfect drilling. Second from the LHS is Mr Jemery Kalenga who has been in the drilling industry since 1971. That marks 46 years of experience and he joined GEFOR in July 2011.


GEFOR is also preparing the next generation by investing into education. Far RHS is Isaac NM Nday, a student who got a GEFOR bursary in 2013 and he is now doing his final year in Mining Engineering at the Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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